This bill is for hospital and medical services, including Pain Center provider services, provided by Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital. You are being billed your patient liability for services rendered due to a self-pay services or insurance copay, co-insurance, deductible or non-covered service.

You may request copies of your itemized statement with a full accounting of your balance due by calling our business office at 316-462-5363, during our office hours Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

This balance due may be from pharmacy items not covered by Medicare such as oral and/or self-administered drugs that were provided to you as an outpatient. These are your financial responsibility. Your Plan D provider may reimburse you for some of these items. We will assist you in obtaining information that you may need to provide to your Plan D pharmacy provider. Contact our Business Office to advise us what information you may need from us to provide to your Plan D pharmacy provider.

We are a Medicare provider-based facility. As a Medicare patient, you may receive two explanations of benefits for your visit at the Pain Center at Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital. The services that you receive at our Pain Center will be split into two separate explanations of benefits: one for the professional services and one for the facility services provided.

Some of the professional services you receive while being a patient at our facility are provided by external providers who are not employed by the hospital. As a result, these providers will bill you separately for the professional services rendered to you during your stay. Some examples of these professional services you may encounter include the physician who monitored you during your overnight stay, an anesthesiologist who monitored you during your surgery and/or the radiologist who interpreted your diagnostic images.

Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital strives to ensure that all providers who provide professional services performed at our hospital are in-network with the same insurances that the hospital is in-network with. Should you feel that your insurance has processed out-of-network for any of the provider services rendered, please contact our business office at 316-462-5363.

The account balance showing on our invoice to you has already taken into account any discounts and allowances from your insurance provider, therefore no additional discounts are available. If you are unable to pay within the allotted 30 days, please contact our business office at 316-462-5363 to discuss other payment options.

When you arrive at the hospital and register at the front desk, please provide your most current insurance card and driver’s license or photo ID. If your insurance has been updated or changed after your visit, please notify our business office at 316-462-5363.

For your convenience, you may pay online by going to our secure online bill-pay portal. Payment also can be mailed to us at our lockbox address at Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital DEPT 96 0463, Oklahoma City, OK 73196-0463. If you prefer to pay by phone, you may call our business office at 316-462-5363.

Yes, please contact our business office at 316-462-5363 for options to set up automatic payments for your account with your credit or debit card.

When we discover that we have received an overpayment by the patient, the overpayment will either be transferred to the patient’s other account(s) that have a balance, or refunded to the person who made the overpayment. If you believe you have made an overpayment on your account, you may call our Business Office at 316-462-5363 to check on the status of your overpayment and/or refund.

Patients will receive a series of statements and telephone calls from our business office in attempt to collect any outstanding patient responsibility. Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital strives to work with patients to assist them with resolving their account balances. Please contact our business office for resolution or payment plans. However, circumstances will arise where after 120 days from the first statement, if there has not been satisfactory resolution, Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital’s policy is to turn the account over to our collection agency for further action.

It is possible that we have not been provided your most recent address or contact information. Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital strives to accurately obtain your current address and telephone numbers from our patients at the point of registration. If your address and telephone numbers have changed since you completed your registration with us, we may have sent your bill to the wrong address. Please make sure that you are notifying our patient registration, or business office at 316-462-5363 to update your contact information or to request your most current statement outstanding. You can assist in preventing your account from going to collection by contacting our business office in a timely manner after receiving your explanation of benefits.

Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital strives to settle all open account balances within 120 days of the first statement. Unfortunately, once an account has been turned over to our collection agency, the account cannot be transferred back to Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital.

Yes, Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital (KSSH) is a network provider for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, Coventry Healthcare, Preferred Health Systems, Tricare, Workers Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid and various other insurers.

If KSSH does not participate with your insurance and you have out-of-network benefits, your out-of-network benefits will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Summary of Benefits is the booklet your insurance company provides at the beginning of each contract year describing your insurance coverage. This is the information we use in determining what amount health insurance will pay for certain procedures, tests and hospitalization.

You are still responsible for your co-payment, co-insurance and deductible as may apply to your policy. In addition, you may receive a bill from other service providers during your hospital stay, such as radiology services, laboratory, or anesthesiology.