COVID-19 Update

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Price Transparency

We at Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital strive to be as transparent as possible with our cost of services.

Our price estimates listed on our website are based on a rolling average of costs that may be incurred by patients for anticipated services. These are not actual costs, as services performed are highly specialized toward the patient’s individual needs or risks. Actual costs will be based on the services provided to the patient.

Please note that the prices shown on this website in no way represent what the patient would expect to pay, whether insured, uninsured or self-pay. As an insured patient, your actual cost/responsibility will be determined by the allowed amount granted by your insurance provider, as contracted between your insurance provider and our hospital.

To assist you with an estimate, please refer to our estimated pricing. You have the right to request a personalized estimate from Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital as well. Whether insured or not, you may contact us directly for assistance with pricing estimates. We are available to offer assistance to you during our business hours, which are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, by calling 316-462-5363.