Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital is a physician-owned hospital (POH) and is a member of Physician-Led Healthcare for America.

Quality patient care is paramount to us, and we believe that when physicians are empowered to be directly involved in all aspects of patient care, the patient directly benefits.

As a POH, our physicians oversee all areas of our facility — from administration and the building itself, to surgical schedules, and the policies that are established. They have a vested stake in ensuring our environment is clean and safe with a staff that is well-trained to provide specialized care, using the most technologically advanced equipment.

Physician-owned hospitals are known for top-notch healthcare and continually rank higher in overall patient satisfaction and outcomes. We take pride in being able to offer our patients the highest quality, most comprehensive care.

For more information on physician-owned hospitals, visit Physician-Led Healthcare for America.

Our physician owners are: