COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

At Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital, we remain vigilant of our mission to deliver the most high-quality experience for our patients, visitors and staff. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 crisis and taking proactive steps to minimize risk factors for all those who enter our doors.

We continue to comply with guidelines and recommendations by the State of Kansas and Centers for Disease Control. While our day-to-day processes have been designed to maintain a sterile environment, we are taking additional precautions to address the current crisis, including but not limited to:

  • Posting nurses at our Hospital and Radiology entrances to conduct appropriate screening regarding flu-like symptoms, recent travel practices and personal contact of those seeking entrance to the hospital;
  • Allowing no more than one visitor per patient who will remain in the hospital lobby pending surgical consultation with the doctor post procedure. Visitor will be allowed a brief visit with the patient once he/she is situated in the hospital room;
  • Prohibiting entrance by children age 12 and under;
  • Performing a temporal forehead scan to ensure that individuals with a fever will be asked to depart and seek medical consultation;
  • Continuous coordination with key medical staff including an infectious disease physician;
  • Switching to EPA-approved disinfectant against emerging pathogens such as COVID-19.

We ask for your patience and your compliance as we seek to maintain the safest environment possible for our patients, visitors and staff. For additional information and updates on COVID-19, please refer to the Sedgwick County Health Department, Kansas Department of Health & Environment and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites.