Larry travelled more than 2,700 mi. from Alaska to Kansas in order to have his spine surgery with Dr. James Weimar at Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital. After doing research of neurosurgeons and neurological hospitals in the United States, Larry found that Consumer Reports ranked Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital in the top five hospitals in the nation for spine surgery.

Since he was 14 years old, Larry had been engaging in hard physical labor that left his spine in poor condition.

“It affected my whole life. Even going outside to work at my tool bench for a couple of hours was difficult,” Larry said.

As his back got progressively worse over the years, and he lost an inch and three quarters in height from compressed discs and nerves, Larry finally decided it was time to make a change.

Due to his many years of suffering, Larry felt he needed to be careful with his choice of hospital for back surgery. After conducting his research, he decided that Dr. Weimar and Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital were worth the long journey.

Once Larry arrived in Kansas, Dr. Weimar treated him for pinched nerves of the lower spine.

Larry had suffered from pain and tingling in his leg from his pinched spinal nerves. However, now his leg is pain-free and he is able to get back to enjoying his everyday life. Larry enjoys tinkering at his tool bench in his garage, which he has been able to do more easily since the conclusion of his spine surgery.