Joe and Becky L. attribute their meeting to a fated evening at Old Chicago and, according to Joe, a little divine intervention. Becky, remembering the night they met, said she felt a tap on her left shoulder, turned around, and it was Joe.

“I asked him if I knew him and he said, not yet.”

“We were married a year, to the day, later.”

Good humor and excitement have remained a defining characteristic of Joe and Becky’s lives together. When they’re not cooking or taking care of their three fur babies, they love to travel. Equipped with stories of memorable road trips, swamp tours and historic haunted hotels, the couple’s passion for seeking adventure runs deep.

Over time, however, the condition of their knees began to disrupt their lives.

Long days in the car started to take a toll on both Joe and Becky. Even everyday tasks like going up and down stairs at work or home felt like a chore.

“I was limited in many of the things I could do,” Becky recalled. “We had just gotten used to it, so we had no idea how bad of shape we were in. We just knew it was painful.”

After Becky experienced a bad fall, they knew it was time to seek out a specialist. After researching and receiving recommendations from close friends, Joe and Becky decided on the knee replacements that would work best for them. They had heard excellent things about Dr. Bhargava and Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital, so they made an appointment.

At Becky’s first consultation with Dr. Bhargava, the couple instantly felt comfortable. “I couldn’t speak highly enough of Dr. Bhargava. He’s very accommodating and thorough. After visiting with him for a few minutes, it’s like you’re talking to a neighbor or a friend,” Joe remarked.

“My friends asked me if I was nervous for surgery, and I said no,” Becky added. “I had all the confidence in the world in him.”

She underwent her first surgery at Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital in March of 2020. After a successful recovery, Becky had a second knee replacement at Kansas Spine the following August. Shortly after, in October, Joe had his knee replacement surgery. Between the two of them and their three surgeries, the couple described each recovery as incredible.

“After Becky had her first surgery,” Joe said, “she was up and about and walking around normally in a couple of weeks. My sister was so impressed with her recovery that she called Dr. Bhargava right away to schedule one for my brother-in-law.”

“I don’t think we realized how limited our lives had become,” Becky expressed. “Joe is still recovering from his surgery, and I’m far enough from mine now that I feel like I’m a whole new person.”

The couple agreed that they would best describe their experience at Kansas Spine as a well-oiled machine. “When you walk in the door, you have no question about what’s going to happen next,” Joe said.

This fun-loving couple has plenty to look forward to after surgery and is already planning their next adventure in the Ozarks. Joe mentioned that the two had even talked about taking up dancing lessons. “He remembered!” Becky exclaimed, and the two shared a laugh.

Joe and Becky cannot thank Dr. Bhargava and Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital enough for the exceptional service—and for giving them their lives back.

“The staff and the rooms—they are amazing,” Joe said. “They take excellent care of you, from the time that you come for surgery to the time you walk out the door.”

“I don’t feel like we would’ve gotten that level of care anywhere else,” Becky said. “If I had to have another knee surgery, I wouldn’t want anyone else to do it.”