State-of-the-art imaging equipment allows our team to diagnose and plan surgeries with high levels of accuracy and success. A key ingredient of superior care is excellent technology. Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital is proud to offer the following technologies:

  • Our Philips Ambition 1.5T MR provides digital clarity and speed to improve the experience for both patient and staff, operating with only seven liters of liquid helium, compared with 1,500 liters for previous technology, a plus as helium is a finite resource.
  • A multi-detector CT system, which provides detailed images that take diagnostics to a new level. It also allows doctors to plan surgeries with unprecedented detail, which makes them safer and less invasive.
  • Fluoroscopic imaging during surgeries and anesthetic procedures allows doctors to watch real-time images from inside the body as they work.
  • Kansas’ first electronic medical records facility, an immeasurable improvement over previous systems. It allows us to streamline the healthcare experience, more effectively educate patients and their families, and avoid problems related to medication allergies and incompatibilities.