To aid you in making informed decisions, we want to provide you with an accurate financial estimate of your care based on your physician’s recommendations. Included in this section is a spreadsheet of Average Charges representing the average charges to the insurance company, NOT what patients should expect to pay. The patient responsibility will be dependent on your insurance coverage.

Average Charges Billed to Insurance Companies

The coverage provided by your insurance company is the primary determinant of patient responsibility. The average charges billed to your insurance company for inpatient procedures are estimated here.

Inpatient Procedure Charges

Diagnosis and treatment are unique to each patient. The average charges for surgical inpatient procedures are estimated here.

Common Outpatient Charges

Outpatient surgical and pain procedures are specific to the diagnosis of each patient. The average charges for outpatient procedures are estimated here.

Associated Charges

With each procedure, there are supporting services and instruments that will be specified on the bills you receive. The costs associated with these items are estimated here.

As you consider your treatment options and associated costs, we recommend the following steps:

  1. For insured patients, please contact your health insurance company to understand what is included in your benefit plan and what your out-of-pocket responsibility is. For example, before arriving for services, contact your health insurance provider to determine if the services are covered under your plan, what your deductible is as well as your estimated out-of-pocket costs.
  2. For surgery patients, please ask your surgeon’s office to contact our business office with the details of your surgery. Due to the personalized nature of each patient’s treatment plan, we will require specific information in order to be able to provide the most accurate price quote.
  3. When contacting our Business Office for a price estimate, please have the following information ready so we may provide you with the most accurate and timely estimate. When requesting an estimate, we ask that you allow adequate time for us to contact your physician and/or your insurance provider so we may gather accurate information about your treatment, the costs associated with it, and the provisions of your insurance plan.
    1. Patient’s Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Insurance provider
    4. Insurance member ID
    5. Insurance phone number
    6. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code(s) – Your surgeon can provide you with this information.
    7. Detailed description of what your physician is ordering. (It is helpful if you have the physician’s actual order for the service.)
    8. If insured, clarify if you would like to have an estimate of your actual out of pocket. (Allowable Insurance Amount minus your Deductible and/or Co-Insurance.)